My Professional Goals

I have several goals related to building my art business. I want art to be a nice little side hustle that brings in some extra income. Sell art I want to sell my art. Now I don’t think that makes me a sell out. I would feel so accomplished if people loved my art so... Continue Reading →

My Art Goals

I find that creating goals and milestones is a great way to keep myself motivated.  Since I’m just getting back into making art after a very long hiatus I have some short term goals that could be considered beginner artist goals, or new artist goals. For example my portfolio for 5 years ago seems very amateurish and it no longer aligns with my aesthetic.

Reviving My Art Blog

Why hello there! I haven't touched this blog in forever!  I think it's long over due for an update.  But why bother with a blog when I can just post on facebook or instagram?  Truth is, i'm not sure why I want to bother.  I want a place where I can possible host tutorials, post... Continue Reading →

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