Landscape From Start to Finish

      My little sister recently moved into her very first apartment. Horray! She asked me for an autumn landscape to hang on her wall. Now I never paint landscapes and I'm not very good at them but I've decided to post pictures of how the painting progressed over time.   16" x 22"... Continue Reading →

From the Sketchbook

This is a combination of two famous drawings. It is done is chalk pastels. It was a really fun exercise to try and combine from multiple sources into a single image. Every Tuesday I post an older work from my portfolio or a sketchbook drawing. It is important to look at our previous work so... Continue Reading →

Tiny Studio Space

    This is my itty bitty little studio area. It exists in just a small corner of my bedroom. ┬áJust two easels and some floor space. It isn't much at all, but at least I have some small area that I can just close the door work in and not worry about cleaning up... Continue Reading →

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