Working With Very Little Studio Space


It is so important for me to have my own space to work and make art. I just need a spot where I can shut the door and be alone with my thoughts and my art. A place were I won’t be interrupted and I can just paint without distractions.

Right now my studio is a small section of my bedroom. I have my two easels set up and a drop cloth over the carpet. I have all of my paints in arms reach so that I don’t have to leave to go grab supplies. I also keep plenty of surfaces near by.

There are some huge limitations to having such a small space. I have to keep my work small. I just don’t have the room to work on 5 foot paintings. It all have to fit on my easels. I’m also limited in the mediums that I can use. I can’t use oils or paints with fumes in such a confined area.  There is also the trouble of keeping the area clean. Because I rent this apartment I can’t be throwing paint around or hanging wet paintings on the wall, I definitely want my deposit back you know!

Even though my studio has it’s problems I make it work.  I keep things tidy and in arms reach. I clamp extra lighting to my dressers vanity mirror.

In the future I hope to rent an apartment with a spare bedroom or office to work in. Or when I own my own home I’ll build my studio and it’ll have big windows, lots of wall and floor space and a sink so that I don’t have to leave to wash my brushes.

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