On Fours

Veronica Bouchard

8″ x10″ acrylic on canvas board

Buy Prints starting at $37

Starting something a little different. A little more pattern and decoration in this painting. I haven’t set up a way to buy originals yet but I’ve added at link where you can go to buy a print of this painting.

I’m also super excited today because last night after I shared my facebook artist page with a bunch of friends I got a commission for a wedding portrait! So expect to see that soon too. I’ll be making a page all about commissions soon so keep your eyes peeled.

2 thoughts on “On Fours

  1. HI Veronica,
    Thanks for your nice comments. I lived In Portland, Maine last year. The high cost of housing eventually drove me out. Nice town! Have you ever thought of painting yourself in a mirror? I think it is so much more fun then photographs… happy painting!

    1. Oh yes, painting live models and from a mirror is much more fun, but I just can’t get poses that interest me from a mirror. Man I loved living in Portland! Housing was expensive though. I had the tiniest apartment while I was there.

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