Getting My Butt Into the Studio


I’ve. Just. Got. To. Go. Paint!

I know I’m not the only one who has trouble getting to work in the painting studio. Of course I just want to go and relax all night! It’s so fun just to sit in my pajamas drinking a cocktail and browsing the internet, or watching TV. I never seem to be in the mood to paint before I start actually doing it. I want to make artwork, but finding the motivation to get off my ass and just do it is a different story. In fact, I’m having trouble doing it right now!

Some action needs to be taken. I have goals I want to accomplish, and time passes whether I’m working towards those goals or not. Like it or not a year can pass. If I’m closer to accomplishing those goals depends entirely on taking action now and being consistent throughout the year. It’s sooo daunting, but I know I’ll feel amazing when I see my paintings finished and hanging in an art show.

No one is going to give it to me, I have to take it!

Success doesn’t usually just fall into someones lap. You can be the best at something but you aren’t guaranteed success unless you are taking action.  Seriously, name me one successful painter who didn’t put in the hours in the studio.

2 thoughts on “Getting My Butt Into the Studio

  1. It’s so true, there are way too many distractions these days. It used to be painting and live theater WERE the only way to see life in an unreal way, to be entertained. Not anymore. At least some of us keep at it:) And don’t be too hard on yourself, inspiration does need to strike. Thanks for following me on xballerina and hopefully I can provide some inspiration!

  2. Very true observation. Even hard work doesn’t guarantee financial success — sometimes luck or being in the right place at the right time is an element. But then that goes back to “being there” or working like you say. Good luck and recognition of the facts is half the battle.

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