My Art Goals

Solemn Lake
Solemn Lake by Veronica Bouchard

I find that creating goals and milestones is a great way to keep myself motivated. Since I’m just getting back into making art after a very long hiatus I have some short term goals that could be considered beginner artist goals, or new artist goals. For example my portfolio for 5 years ago seems very amateurish and it no longer aligns with my aesthetic. (I feel like back then I was pushed into making art that was provocative, but that’s a topic for another blog.) My number one goal right now is to build a portfolio from scratch. I want to have 10 – 20 finished pieces that I feel proud of.
I’m very excited about this goal however there is a drawback of excitement, I find myself rushing into completing paintings and maybe not taking as much time as I should to refine the composition and the details. Rushing through them sometimes causes amateurish mistakes. I know I should be slowing down, practicing more and pushing myself to create better work, but the excitement has me jumping the gun a bit. That leads me into my second goal; improve my artwork. I don’t want my art to remain in the realm of mediocrity. I want to polish up my skills. Because I’m no longer in school, developing my skills will need to be primarily self taught.
My other new artist goal is to define my style. At the moment I feel as though the subjects and themes of my work are a bit scatterbrained. I hope that in creating my portfolio from scratch that I’ll have the opportunity to really develop my style so that if someone see my paintings they’ll know that i made them without having to write it out.
Now I also have some more long- term career based goals. I want to start selling art on my website. I want to start getting commissions, grow my social media followings, start a youtube channel, make art tutorials. And so much more. I know it’ll be difficult while working full time but I’m feeling so motivated.

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